Residential Care

For residents who may find it difficult to manage daily life at home, we can provide accommodation and 24-hour personal care and support. Our team of experts provide residents with a safe environment where they are looked after according to their needs, such as help with washing, toileting, dressing, administering medication and mobility. We create a personalised care plan for every resident based on their individual requirements, medical situation, lifestyle and general well-being. 

Residents can can treat our facilities as their home and live there as they are guaranteed a safe and comfortable accommodation with access to many services on site including social and recreational activities, and entertainment both indoor and outdoor.  

We ensure that people who are unable to live independently but do not need nursing care are well looked after, and can continue to lead meaningful lives.


Our Care Homes with Residential Care

Our team of well-experienced, highly skilled and qualified nurses provide round-the-clock care for residents with medical condition and requiring 24-hour support. We ensure every residents in our general nursing care recieve the very best care possible through the support from or dedicated staff and have access to local General Practitioners (GPs) and other external healthcare practitioners.